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Sweden: Pork Can Be an Incitement Against Minorities…….


It says “minorities”, but in reality, it’s talking about Pajamas & Slippers Club members, who comprise a huge majority in many places around the world…



Police: Pork can be incitement against ethnic groups

Published September 1, 2020 at 12:46 p.m.


It was last week that someone placed raw pork and two roasted Korans at Folkets hus in Kallinge in Ronneby.


The event is believed to be aimed at the Arab Cultural Association, which rents premises there for Friday prayers, according to SVT.


Today, an investigation was launched into incitement against ethnic groups.


According to P4 Blekinge, it is the Malmö Police’s so-called democracy and hate crime group that is leading the preliminary investigation.


The police claim that it is the “combination” of what was placed on the site that may constitute a crime.


– Outrage against ethnic groups means that a message or statement expresses threat or contempt, and this could be it, says Linda Ståhl, head of preliminary investigations at the police, to SR.

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