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Finland: Finnish Academic “Ponders Why People Oppose” Intolerant Islam…….


Emilia Palonen wants the Finnish taxpayer to fund yet another BS research study into something that’s already been long known. That Islam 101 is a detriment to any society. Those who are opposed to it are on the moral side, those who protect and lie about its true nature, are despicable stooges.


Emilia Palonen – – university homepage


People, such as myself, are very clear why Islam needs to be opposed. We point to the words of the founder of that ideology, the writings of Islamic scholars of Mohamed’s life (hadiths) and the historical record of its members’ actions. We find them to be completely outside of the bounds of the Western concept of civil society. Islam is a highly intolerant, misogynist, anti-gay, Jew-hating anti-free choice ideology.


Morons in academia simply refuse to listen or reflect on these points raised, they’re impenetrable by fact. They choose rather to invent reasons why we have views such as these, they do the same with the views of those who support intolerant Islam. The people rioting in the streets (like in times past), are they doing so because they’re sharia-supremacists? No, it due to being “marginalized” by the host society (that allowed them into the country in the first place), and due to the Wuhan corona virus because they’re not higher up on the economic ladder.




Like other intolerant (anti-Enlightenment) ideologies that have come after it, the different branches of statist socialism, Russian Marxism, and German Fascism (which are both Hegelian in nature), they are to be opposed. Anything that seeks to alter the state of the free individual living in harmony within a state of liberty in a free civil society, needs to be opposed. That includes socialist-based social democracies that these moronic academics support.



Why is Islam opposed?


Palonen wonders where far-right Islamic opposition comes from.


– Nobody just says they hate spinach pancakes, but there is always a reason behind that. In this case, whether it is ultimately other than supporting white supremacy, this case should be researched, Palonen says.


According to Palonen, the burning of the Qur’an does not fall within the scope of freedom of expression, just like the burning of any other holy book.


– Yes, that belief can be criticized by arguing and dealing with what is written in that book, but burning the book itself is a bad way to go about it, Palonen says.




– How do we get the now-formed Muslim society, Swedish society and anti-Muslim activists to talk to each other and live side by side? This is the question that should be able to be solved, Palonen thinks.


Palonen sees the equal involvement of immigrants, and employment, as a key Swedish problem in the fact that immigrants also feel that they are part of society and not outside society.




Note: The right to formulate any opinion, burn any book is a part and parcel of free speech rights which are inalienable. You have to be willing to offend in order to think.


The problem with the Muslim mindset is that they already divide society up as they and us, and want to eventually supplant the those who form the majority of society. That’s a historic truth.

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