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Raymond Ibrahim: Jihadi Murderers Feign ‘Reform’ and Fool the Establishment…….


This is not something new, at least to those of us who follow these incidents on a regular basis…


Jihadi Murderers Feign ‘Reform’ and Fool the Establishment

New study finds that “the true scale of taqiyya may be greater than commonly understood.”


Jihadis continue to tell infidels what they wish to hear, and the latter continue to eat it up—to their own, often fatal, detriment.


This is one of the findings of a July 22, 2020 study titled “Prisons and Terrorism” in Western Europe (the second such publication of a decade-long project begun in 2010).  Published by Kings College London’s International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation (ICSR), it finds that “‘False compliance’ seems to have become more widespread, especially among jihadist prisoners, though its true extent is unknown. This can be a major issue in relation to risk assessment and release arrangements.”


The ICSR report documented several examples of jihadi prisoners pretending to have reformed and “de-radicalized.”  One of the two Muslims who beheaded 85‑year‑old Catholic priest Jacques Hamel in his church in France in 2016 had twice earlier been apprehended for trying to go to Syria and fight for the Islamic State.   All he had to do, however, was tell the judge what he wanted to hear: “I am a Muslim who believes in mercy, in doing good, I’m not an extremist … I want to get back my life, see my friends, get married.”  Based on these words, the judge released him, and soon thereafter this “Muslim who believes in mercy” slaughtered the elderly priest.


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