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Daniel Greenfield: The Democrat Media’s Great Post Office Conspiracy…….


The same party the pushed the Russian collusion story, sold millions of its gullible followers on it, now pushing yet another conspiracy theory.


They are (Democrats) in fact doing the Russians’ bidding whether they know it or not.


The Democrat Media’s Great Post Office Conspiracy


The Democrat media has two favorite topics.

1. Accusing Republicans of running on conspiracy theories

2. Manufacturing conspiracy theories about Republicans


This is the sort of behavior that anyone with any perspective would recognize and anyone with any integrity would be ashamed of. Luckily the media is burdened by neither perspective nor integrity, and just insists that its conspiracy theories are true while those that it is accused of are false.


And so we end up with the Great Post Office Conspiracy.


Democrat media conspiracies about Trump are loosely divided into scandals for the sake of scandal, and political narratives actually intended to advance a political outcome. That’s obviously the case with the Great Post Office Conspiracy which is based on the Democrats and their media operations trying to protect their favored electoral strategy. And, of course, have a narrative for claiming that their loss was the result of a conspiracy in the event that they do lose. It largely escapes the media that this is exactly what they’ve been accusing President Trump of. But that requires perspective and integrity.


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