US: Republican Senator Cotton Presses Google CEO over Election Interference Revelations…….


Google is guilty without a doubt…


Exclusive– Sen. Tom Cotton Presses Google CEO over Election Interference Revelations


Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) is pressing Google CEO Sundar Pichai for answers regarding the search giant’s meddling in the U.S. presidential election after an explosive Breitbart News investigation published this week proved the company is blocking search traffic from Breitbart News and other conservative websites.


Cotton’s letter to Pichai comes after a letter he sent last week to Attorney General Bill Barr asking the Justice Department to consider potential antitrust actions against Google over its search manipulation for political and other anti-competitive purposes.


Cotton opens his letter to Pichai by referencing the letter he sent to Barr, then citing new reporting by Breitbart News about how Google has been shutting down search traffic to Breitbart News and other conservative sites — particularly anything about presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden. Cotton told Pichai he believes the company’s actions are “misleading” the American people ahead of the election.


“As you may know, last week I sent a letter to the Department of Justice detailing concerns about Google abusing its dominance in the search engine market,” Cotton wrote to Pichai. “In that letter, I specifically mentioned concerns that conservative websites were being blacklisted from Google search results. New reporting on this very issue has compounded these concerns. Especially given the proximity to the November 2020 presidential election, the fact that Google appears to be delisting search results critical of former Vice President Joe Biden is particularly disturbing. Most Americans assume that Google shows them the most relevant results when they search the web, rather than curated results designed to support a corporation’s preferred political party. I am concerned that Google’s actions are playing a role in misleading the American people in the run-up to Election Day.”


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