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UK: Tommy Robinson Leaves Britain After Alleged Arson Attack on Wife’s Property…….


Thanks to the moronic goons in government…


I warned Tommy awhile ago that he should seriously contemplate moving abroad, the state has always been out to get him, and in doing so, unleashed the radical nutjobs who would gladly murder him.


Tommy Robinson Leaves Britain After Alleged Arson Attack on Wife’s Property


Tommy Robinson has left the United Kingdom and plans to permanently relocate abroad after an alleged arson attack against his wife’s property, he has said, claiming his family is no longer safe in the country.


Robinson, an anti-grooming gangs activist and self-styled independent journalist, formerly of the English Defence League (EDL) street protest movement and then the Quilliam counter-extremism think tank — although neither maintain ties to him today — revealed the move in a video shared on the Parler social media platform, which has gained prominence as a free speech oriented alternative to Twitter in recent months.


“I had a problem quite a few weeks ago with an arson,” he said in the video.


“It was targeted against my property — well, not against my property, against my wife’s property. At that point we left the country straight away… Obviously my wife has had enough of everything,” he said.


“[I]t wasn’t Muslims that done this, it was after all the BLM stuff. I think I know who it was,” Robinson claimed.


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