Race Baiting Racial Issues

Brian of London: The assault on white is getting insane…….


I’m wondering as to whether these Marxist forces who are pushing this anti-White rhetoric, are trying to bring it to a tipping point, that is, to launch a race war.


The assault on white is getting insane

Here are a few collected gems on the subject of attacks on “whiteness”. I can’t see how I can be a white supremacist (being a proud Jew living in Israel) but I probably am. I’m also not sure how academia can be allowed to continue when it is pumping out this crap.


Ami Horowitz


First up, Ami Horowitz. Make sure you watch to the end because the sane and sensible black people counterbalance the insane white people. My favourite is the white woman who is “not good at thinking”.



‘More here.

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