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Benjamin Weinthal: US Envoy Grenell Urges Comdenation of Muslim Brotherhood’s Call to Murder Gays…….


Because this is what they do, their prophet demanded it…



US envoy urges condemnation of Muslim Brotherhood’s call to kill gays

Twitter launches inquiry against Grenell for exposing lethal homophobia

The former US ambassador to Germany and high-profile member of the Trump administration on Friday urged all American agencies and officials to condemn a Muslim Brotherhood member for declaring that homosexuals should be murdered.

Richard Grenell tweeted that “Every US government agency and official must speak clearly that this is unacceptable.”


Egyptian TV host Hala Samir said on June 16 in a monologue on her show on Watan TV (Turkey-based Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood) that  “Ibn Abbas quoted the Prophet Muhammad as saying: ‘If you find men engaged in a homosexual act – kill the active one as well as the passive one.’ Don’t start asking: ‘Are you active or passive?’ Just kill both.”

The NGO Middle East Media Research Institute first reported Samir’s anti-gay comments and translated her remarks into English.

According to MEMRI, “She explained that Muhammad’s companions had disagreed only with regard to the method of killing the homosexuals and she elaborated that some of these methods include burning them alive, throwing them off a high place and stoning them. In addition, Samir said that lesbianism is also prohibited by Islamic law.”

Samir said that “some of them say: ‘I am not homosexual, I’m gay’ [because] they want it to sound nice. No! You are a homosexual, a sodomite, and a lesbian.”


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