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Daniel Greenfield: Malcolm X went from the KKK and Nazis to the Muslim Brotherhood-He Must Fall As Well…….


A teachable moment…

Malcolm X Must Fall: Hundreds of Streets, Schools Named After Black Ally of the KKK

Malcolm X went from the KKK and Nazis to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Boston and Dallas have one each. New York City has not one, but two Malcolm X boulevards, along with a playground. Washington D.C. has Malcolm X Avenue. The Los Angeles City Council renamed the intersection near the Bilal Islamic Center, Malcolm X Way.


These are a few of the hundreds of streets, schools, and assorted other civic infrastructure named after the black supremacist leader who worked together with the KKK and the American Nazi Party.


“I sat at the table myself with the heads of the Ku Klux Klan,” Malcolm X later admitted.


There’s a Malcolm X statue in Harlem, and the racist leader’s family home in Omaha is listed by the Park Service in the National Register of Historic Places even though he became famous preaching the Nation of Islam’s theology that white people are devils created by a mad scientist and would be killed by UFOs.


The Postal Service even came out with a stamp for a racial separatist who campaigned for a separate black country, and against racial intermarriage.


“Check up on these integration leaders, and you will find that most of them are either married to or hooked up with some white woman,” Malcolm X ranted.  “No black person married to a white person can speak for me!”

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