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David Horowitz’s Thumbs-Up for Trump

The definitive summing-up of Trump’s efforts to enact his “big agenda” — and of his enemies’ obsession to foil him at every turn.

Three years ago, the inauguration of the forty-fifth president of the United States was commemorated by a concert featuring Lee Greenwood and Jon Voight, a parade, three official inaugural balls, massive women’s marches, the writing of a fishy e-mail to herself by outgoing National Security Advisor Susan Rice, and the January 17 publication of David Horowitz’s Big Agenda: President Trump’s Plan to Save America. The book, a comprehensive account and vigorous vindication of Trump’s platform, became a New York Times bestseller.


Now, with the 2020 elections approaching, Horowitz has published a follow-up book entitled Blitz: Trump Will Smash the Left and Win. Short, snappy, and supremely savvy, it’s the definitive summing-up of Donald Trump’s efforts during the last three years to enact his “big agenda” — and of his enemies’ obsessive campaign to foil those efforts at every turn.


Horowitz starts with Trump’s election. During the last three years I’ve amused myself by watching different media outlets’ coverage of Election Night 2016 on YouTube, and I’ve done it so often I thought I could write a dissertation on the topic, but I didn’t know this:

Just after midnight, MSNBC political correspondent Kasie Hunt tweeted, “Lady Gaga is crying backstage, source reports.” A few minutes later, Hunt tweeted again: “Cher is also backstage crying, source reports.” A few minutes later, “Katy Perry was supposed to sing the national anthem at the Hillary Clinton victory party. Someone else took her place.”

Delicious. But quickly enough, those tears turned into rage. And instead of accepting defeat gracefully, the Hillary army, in the name of love, hope, rainbows, and lollipops, sought to destroy the legitimate winner of the election. Jettisoning all vestiges of legitimate journalism once and for all, the New York Times and Washington Post became daily hate sheets, taking the position opposite to Trump’s on every issue, big and small, that came along, including those on which the newspapers had previously taken the same side. How did Trump manage to survive it all? Over to Horowitz:

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