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Finland: No China CCP Wuhan Coronavirus related deaths in two days…….


A corner has been turned…


Coronavirus latest: No new deaths in 2 days

23.5 12:42 Second day without fatalities, 9 patients leave hospital

The national health agency THL said on Saturday that there had been no new deaths attributed to Covid-19 since Thursday.


That marks the first two-day stretch without any reported fatalities in two months. Finland’s first death was reported on 21 March, followed by the second and third on 25 March.


The number of patients in hospital dropped by nine to 104, while the number in intensive care remained steady at 21.


The number of lab-confirmed infections edged up by 31 to 6568. However only about three percent of the population (some 165,600 people) have been tested, so the actual number is considerably higher.


22.5 16:20 Coronavirus death toll unchanged since Thursday

No new Covid-19 related deaths were reported on Friday compared to the previous day, with the total death toll remaining at 306, according to the Institute for Health and Welfare (THL).


Confirmed coronavirus cases increased by 44 on Friday, bringing the official total to 6,537. Meanwhile the number of those receiving intensive care treatment declined by one patient to 21.


THL reported that a total of around 163,000 coronavirus tests have been carried out since the outbreak began, an increase of about 2,900 more tests since Thursday. The health agency said the country currently has the capacity to carry out 9,600 Covid-19 tests per day.


The number of people who’ve recovered from the disease is now estimated at about 4,800, a lower figure than previously reported, according to THL.


The lower recovered patient number is based on confirmed cases in patients who have not required follow-up treatment for a period of at least three weeks, while previously the standard was a period of two weeks, the agency said.


The epidemic continues to progress at different rates across the country, with the majority of cases still being seen in the Uusimaa region, according to THL.



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