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J.E.Dyer: Interpreting the first round of unmasking revelations…….


Jennifer Dyer lays it all out for us…


Shocked by, and rejecting the 2016 election, Team Obama tried to ensure the demise of the Trump administration by using intel info it gleaned (through spying) from Trump World on how they viewed (then) US foreign policy. They knew Flynn rejected Obama’s ME foreign policy, arming al-Qaida and overt overtures to the Muslim Brotherhood.


Make sure you read Jennifer’s piece on how to interpret the Justice Dept’s silence on Durham’s more than two-year investigation into the unmasking of Flynn and other wrongdoings by the NSA.

In the foyer of the 20-room asylum: Interpreting the first round of unmasking revelations

In the post about Grenell’s satchel on Wednesday, we looked at the importance of understanding that the information Richard Grenell has amassed is mostly about all the other “unmaskings” that were being done by the Obama administration.  Those are the unmaskings that tell investigator John Durham what the scope of the Obamagate enterprise was, and who was in on it.


In this article, I want to move on and give a flavor of what we can discern from the list already released by Senators Grassley and Johnson.  This is the list with the big marquee names in it: Biden, Clapper, Brennan, Power, and so forth.


Sharp-eyed analysts have already pointed out that Samantha Power appears to have testified untruthfully to Congress about whether she unmasked Flynn or another Trump team associate.  She said she didn’t.  But in this list alone, she’s recorded as unmasking Michael Flynn seven times.


I suspect it was actually someone who worked for her and was able to deploy her credentials who did that.  It may well be that Power was unaware of the hundreds of unmaskings from 2016 and January 2017 that have her name on them.


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But the more significant point is that we can learn a lot from looking at the list posted by Grassley and Johnson.  We learn more from it than seems possible at first, if we know how to interpret it.

Why spy


Here’s the key to that.  The formal unmaskings of Flynn – which is all we’re looking at here – were done because of what was going on at the time in world events and U.S. policy.  There are probably a few that represent merely a nosy desire to find out what Flynn was communicating with someone about.  But most of the unmasking events were tied to developments in U.S. foreign policy and national security.


The motive was to discover what the Trump transition team was saying to others about those developments.

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