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Katie Hopkins: In UK Illegal Migrants are the Medicine Being Imported Into a Sickly Country…….


And it’s not stopped since divesting itself from the EU…


UK: Illegal Migrants are the Medicine Being Imported Into a Sickly Country

All while Brits remain in strict caronavirus lockdown.

You might think Britain has enough problems right now.


Cowering in our homes like sewer rats smelling disinfectant, unemployment quietly sneaking to 20% under cover of the government’s furlough scheme and Boris apparently absent without leave under the spell of Wilfred, his newborn child.


But you would be mistaken.


According to the government and the usual suspects, what Britain needs right now as our economy collapses and our health service runs out of cash is to import a few more problems for the country to deal with. Illegal immigrants are the medicine being imported into this sickly nation.


I watched in disbelief as 50 illegals from Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia were flown into my country this week from crowded migrant camps in Greece.


We were told these were desperate people, ‘refugees’, the ‘most vulnerable’ with severe health conditions, looking to join family member in the UK. But they looked remarkably chipper as they sprang up the steps to board the plane, smiling and waving for the cameras with their new trainers and $250 Apple AirPods in their ears.


Do these look like desperate people to you? These women remind me of the ones I see at Selfridges on Oxford Street, battling burkas for who can be first through the door.

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