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Israel Wins the Battle Against Insidious Chinese Coronavirus…….

Israel, along with the US, was one of the first to ban flights from abroad…

Israel Wins the Battle against COVID-19

Insidious Chinese Coronavirus proves to be no match for Israeli resolve and resourcefulness.

During its brief history, the modern state of Israel has had to endure endless wars, terrorism, political, cultural and economic boycotts, and has triumphed decidedly over all these hardships. The Jewish State, with a population of just under 9 million and about the size of New Jersey routinely ranks among the most powerful nations in the world and its citizens enjoy a standard of living on par with Western nations, an astonishing achievement considering that Israel has been in existence for only 72 years and is surrounded by medieval, genocidal neighbors.


But in late February, it became readily apparent that Israel, indeed the world was facing a much more insidious enemy, an invisible foreign virus, which emerged from the Chinese city of Wuhan. While China was lying to the world and spinning false narratives as to the nature and origins of the virus, Israel’s leaders understood that this was an enemy unlike any other they had faced before, and consequently took immediate and drastic measures to minimize the damage.


Fast-forward to May 1, 2020. Eighty percent of Israeli towns and villages have reported no new COVID-19 infections. Hospitals throughout Israel are reporting no new COVID-19 admissions. Of the nation’s 16,193 confirmed COVID-19 infected, nearly 10,000 have fully recovered. Israel’s mortality rate from COVID-19 is among the lowest in the world, only 231 deaths.


These encouraging signs have prompted the government to begin reopening the country and getting things back to normal. Small business owners have been allowed re-open, with sensible restrictions. Malls will be opening next week. The government has lifted restrictions on movement. Schools are reopening as well, despite apprehension from local municipalities. Things in Israel are gradually getting back to normal. It will take time to reverse the damage caused by the Chinese coronavirus but Israel is on the right track.


With much of the world still in disarray and under lockdown, many are viewing Israel as the model for defeating Coronavirus. So how did Israel do it?

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