Chi-Com Wuhan Corona Virus Crisis FARAGE

Farage: Only Trump Has Stood Up To China, Citizens of the West Need To As Well…….


When at all possible, do not buy Chinese and let your local businesses/politicians know about it…


Nigel Farage: Only Trump Has Stood up to China, But Citizens of the West Must Stand up Next

China’s dishonesty over coronavirus could lead to a global reassessment of how vital the authoritarian regime should be to the fate and prosperity of Western democracies, Brexit leader Nigel Farage has told Breitbart News.


Speaking to Breitbart News Network editor-in-chief Alex Marlow on the Breitbart News Daily Show on Sirius XM Patriot, “Mr Brexit” Nigel Farage — known for shepherding Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union from being a harshly opposed position to the proven view of the majority by the time of the 2016 Brexit referendum — turned his fire on China during a coronavirus discussion.


While Mr Farage praised the “very good, and very brave” U.S. President Trump for being the only global leader who dared to stand up to vested interests and Chinese power, the grassroots political leader made it clear it would take more than leadership from the corridors of power to reorientate the West away from Beijing, pointing out this ultimately was in the hands of consumer-citizens.


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