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Finnish National Bureau of Investigation Suspects Iraqi Man Supposedly killed After Repatriation is Alive After Human Rights Court Ruled Against Finland…….


So, will that change Finnish asylum policy vis-s-vis failed Iraqi asylum/refugee seekers..? (rhetorical question)


Finland put a moratorium on repatriation of Iraqi asylum seekers after a man repatriated from Finland was supposedly murdered shortly after arriving in Iraq. According to the NBI’s own website:


“The police suspect that the documents that led to the decision to be made were forged and that the plaintiff’s close relative would be alive.”


Also from their twitter feed:


For the time being, police are refraining from repatriation to Iraq, with the exception of criminal-based returns, which continue. For other countries, the situation is also being clarified. The police have nothing else to comment on at this stage. #poliisi


The Left, Greens, and other leftist politicians and pundits were screaming bloody murder over the news, which ended in the Finnish government halting any further repatriations. Now after an individual has been arrested in an apparent fraud, when the dust settles, will this government overturn the recently changed policy? My guess is no.


NBI suspects: Iraqi man allegedly killed is alive – Human Rights Court sentenced Finland to return man


According to the appellant, his father died in Iraq shortly after his return. KRP thinks he’s alive.


The National Bureau of Investigation announced that it has opened a preliminary investigation into suspected serious fraud and serious forgery in relation to the decision of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) on Finland. On 14 November 2019, the ECHR issued a decision in a human rights complaint in Finland.


The case referred to the ECHR was that a person who received a negative asylum decision from Finland had been killed in his country, Iraq, shortly after his return. The ECHR wanted to hear from the close relative of the person allegedly dead, who said that Finland’s conduct and the fate of the relative caused him considerable suffering.


In its decision, the ECHR found that Finland had infringed Articles 2 and 3 of the ECHR in its proceedings, which deal with the right to life and the prohibition of torture. In its decision, the ECHR paid particular attention to the fact that the Finnish authorities had not properly carried out an assessment of a future threat.


According to the ECHR, the assessment by the Finnish authorities of the risk to which the appellant’s father would be exposed to in Iraq did not meet the requirements of those human rights articles.


The ECHR considered that the authorities were, or should have been aware, that the appellant’s father might be exposed to death or could be in danger of being mistreated upon his return to Iraq.


Police suspect that the documents that led to the decision to be issued are falsified and that the plaintiff’s next of kin would be alive.


– The National Bureau of Investigation has been involved in obtaining information on the matter and, among other things, a response has been received from Iraq to the request for legal aid sent there. Interrogations have been carried out and one person has been arrested, says Detective Inspector Jan Aarnisalo of the NBI.


The NBI has cooperated with the Attorney General’s office.



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