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Finland’s Official China Coronavirus Death Toll Nears 100, Medical Staff Lacking Safety Gear, Told to Use Raincoats and Paper Towels as Protection…………..


NYT’s “journalists” who wrote “Finland is a Prepper Nation” are unavailable for comment…


  • Raincoats and paper towels: Nurses and doctors flag lack of protective gear
    Nurses have sometimes been advised to fashion makeshift masks using paper towels, staples and rubber bands.
    Share […]  “We are especially worried about the situation of the elderly in care homes. There seems to be a particular absence of guidance there and a shortage of PPE,” association chair Nina Hahtela said.


Coronavirus latest: Official death toll close to 100, at least 2,000 patients have recovered, everyday heroes lack safety gear

This article includes the latest updates on the novel coronavirus outbreak in Finland.

  • 3,868 lab-confirmed infections as of Monday (20.4), 85 more than the previous day
  • 209 patients were in hospital on Monday, rising by 17 in a day after a week of declines
  • 67 in intensive care as of Monday afternoon, one less than on Sunday
  • Covid-19 related fatalities stood at 98 as of Monday afternoon (20.4), up by 5 in a day
  • THL estimates that at least 2,000 patients have recovered from Covid-19
  • Municipalities want clarity on stockpile spending
  • Agency say says masks supplied by payday lender all unusable
  • Everyday workers worried about lack of masks, hand sanitiser

20.4. 17:55 Health staff told to use raincoats, paper towels as protection

Surveys by physicians’ and nurses’ associations reveal deep concern over shortages of proper protective gear for treating Covid-19 patients. In some cases they have been advised to fashion makeshift masks using paper towels, staples and rubber bands. Details in our story here.


20.4. 15:38 Close to 100 fatalities, at least 2,000 recoveries

The THL health institute said on Monday that 98 deaths have officially been attributed to Covid-19, but that the tally does not include all fatalities outside hospitals. The number was up by five from Sunday.


The median age of those who have died was 82. At least four were under the age of 60. Sixty-eight percent of those who have died were men.


After a week of steady decline, the number of patients in hospital rose by 17 since Sunday to 209. Of these, 67 were in intensive care as of Monday afternoon, one less than on Sunday.


20.4. 13:00 Finland reports 85 new Covid-19 cases on Monday

Finland’s running total of people who have tested positive for novel coronavirus reached 3,868 on Monday, according to the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, THL, up by 85 cases from Sunday. The agency had not updated the number of fatalities, patients in hospital or intensive care as of 13.00 on Monday.


20.4 12:18 Mask, sanitiser shortages hitting everyday heroes

Frontline health care professionals are not the only working people affected by the current shortage of protective gear during the coronavirus pandemic. Food delivery drivers, cleaners and others who don’t have the luxury of working from home told Yle News that they worry that the lack of the right equipment heightens their risk of infection from the virus. Read more about their concerns in our full report.



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