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Finland: China CCP Coronavirus kills 94, 1,700 recovering…….


Sweden took a different course, and though twice the population, it has 16 times the number of dead…


Sweden and it’s 2 neighboring countries Country – Total infected – Total died – Population 2020 –
Total tests Sweden: 14,385 – 1,540 – 10,099,265 – 74,600
Norway: 7,078 – 165 – 5,412,385 – 142,166
Finland: 3,783 – 94 – 5,540,720 – 57,300


Coronavirus latest: 94 deaths, 1,700 recoveries, fewer hospitalisations, call to re-open restaurants

This article includes the latest updates on the novel coronavirus outbreak in Finland.


  • 3,783 lab-confirmed infections as of 13:50 Sunday (19.4), 102 more than the previous day
  • 192 patients were in hospital on Sunday, down by seven in a day and 34 in a week
  • 68 in intensive care as of Sunday afternoon, two less than on Saturday
  • Covid-19 related fatalities stood at 94 as of Sunday afternoon (19.4)
  • THL estimates that some 1,700 patients have recovered from Covid-19
  • Authorities don’t recommend wearing face coverings in public places
  • Small and medium-sized firms have received over 200 million euros in support so far


19.4 18:44 Historian compares response to plague and coronavirus

Think social distancing is new? Finland was already practising an extreme version of it in the 1600s. Yle asked Finnish history professor Pekka Toropainen from Turku University what Finland has learned from past epidemics. Read more here.


19.4 17:00 First death in Länsi-Pohja district on Swedish border

The first Covid-19-related death has been reported in the Länsi-Pohja healthcare district in southwestern Lapland. The death was announced by Juha Korpelainen, chief administrative physician of the Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District. He said that he understood that the person who died was a resident of a nursing home.


The number of cases has been rising quickly in the district, which includes the cities of Kemi and Tornio. It borders on Sweden, where the infection rate is much higher than in Finland.


As of Sunday there were 94 confirmed Covid-19 deaths in Finland, while Sweden, with a population just over twice as large, had 1,540. Full story here.


19.4 13:30 Number of patients in hospital drops again

The number of people hospitalised for Covid-19 treatment has been dropping steadily over the past week. On Sunday the THL reported 192 patients in hospitals, a drop of 34 — or some 18 percent — from the previous Sunday.


According to the latest data, 68 patients were in intensive care, down from 77 on Easter Sunday.


The official death toll has meanwhile crept up to 94, but the THL notes that this does not include all of those who have died outside of hospitals.


The health institute says that 3,783 cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed by labs, based on some 57,300 test samples. Again this does not include all cases though.


The THL adds a preliminary estimate that some 1,700 patients have recovered from Covid-19.



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