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J.E.Dyer: The coronavirus crisis so far: Six interim lessons…….


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The coronavirus crisis so far: Six interim lessons

Although it remains to be seen how far we are into the turnaround from the coronavirus shutdown, there was a sense from the White House briefing on Thursday that it’s where the movement and energy will be.  We’re looking forward, not back at this point.  The Washington Post commentary is designed to snark it up and keep the focus on danger and immobility, but the White House has an organized framework for moving forward.  And there are governors already working actively to reopen their economies.


At the outset, a few words about the White House’s framework.  (The briefing video is at the bottom.)  It’s not “a plan,” per se.  It’s a set of criteria for safe reopening, and a basis for consultation with the states.  If you look at the slides outlining that, it’s obvious many of the states must already be looking at the factors listed, such as ability to test for the virus.


What the White House task force has laid out is what they expect to be consulting with the states about.  I’d interpret it as a minimum set of reopening factors, which the states should address, and which the White House and executive agencies will be giving them assistance on, as needed.


It’s a very “CEO” type communication.  “This is what I want to hear from you about.  Come back to me with what you need.”

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