Chi-Com Wuhan Corona Virus Crisis Finland

Finland: Chief Physician of Health and Welfare Dept has a suggestion, Wear Corona Sleeve Badges to Warn Others…….




It didn’t take long for that to contemplated, now did it? How about ringing a bell for the illiterate?


Wild suggestion from THL chief physician: Sleeve badge for corona sufferers – “Right now, each of us is a threat to the other”


Hanna Nohynek, Chief Physician of the Department of Health and Welfare, has sparked the idea of ​​a corona button, sleeve badge or passport that would tell that the wearer had contracted the disease so that they would no longer infect others. 


– If we could be sure that we have already contracted the disease and have antibodies to protect against it, such people could be opening up society without threatening each other. Right now, each of us is a threat to the other. If we knew better who already had the disease, it would be a positive piece of information that could also be used therapeutically.


– I understand, of course, that different ideas have emerged about this in the 1940s, but the idea was that we should somehow get out of this.



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