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US: Former US Ambassador to UN Nikki Haley Says President Trump Right to Threaten Withholding WHO Funding…….


While the Finnish government and media stick its collective fingers in its ears while shouting bla…bla…bla…


“The United States does fund 22% of the World Health Organization,” Haley said, according to The Washington Examiner. “But this is even bigger than the World Health Organization, this is about China’s influence into these multilateral organizations.”


Nikki Haley: Trump right to threaten to withhold WHO funding

“This is even bigger than the World Health Organization, this is about China’s influence into these multilateral organizations,” Haley said.

Nikki Haley has criticized the World Health Organization (WHO) over their response to the coronavirus outbreak, accusing them of pandering to China instead of protecting the health of the global population.

Appearing on Fox News, former US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley criticized the WHO for dragging its feet in the early stages of the crisis, despite having clear warnings from Taiwan that human-to-human transmission was a factor.

“Look at the timeline,” she said. “You’ve got December 30th, Taiwan goes and tells the WHO: ‘We believe and have evidence there is human to human transmission.’ Then you have January 14th, the head of the WHO Tedros [Adhanom] says ‘We don’t see any evidence of human to human transmission.’

She continued: “Then you go a week later and they have an emergency meeting to decide if this is an international crisis. They don’t make a decision on that day. Instead, Tedros travels to China to go meet with them. It is a week later when he comes back and says, they decide: ‘Ok this could be an emergency but you don’t need to limit travel, and you don’t need to limit trade.’ Yet the President does it anyway and Tedros criticizes him for doing that. The American people have every right to ask the WHO questions.”

On Wednesday, Haley told Fox News host Sean Hannity that too much deference had been made toward China by the organization, and that that deference had harmed the world population.

She argued that US President Donald Trump was right to threaten the World Health Organization with withholding funds until the health body was able to explain why early warnings over COVID-19 were ignored.

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