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Finnish State Broadcaster YLE Practicing Self-Censorship in Coronavirus Reporting in Apparent Appeasement to Both China and the UN…….


Here’s a classic example of the Finnish state broadcaster/news org practicing self-censorship…


Mika Hentunen, Yle’s US correspondent reports about President Trump’s recent statements concerning the problematic WHO, which is currently under the guidance of “former” communist, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. Back in December of 2019, the WHO Director-General was literally disseminating every lie by the Chinese Communist Party as factual truth:


Taking information from China, the origin of the coronavirus outbreak, at face value, WHO’s leadership went along with China’s initial refusal to even admit human to human contamination. By the end of December 2019, Chinese authorities were already suppressing attempts by at least one brave Chinese doctor to sound a warning about the outbreak of an illness resembling severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). However, WHO turned a blind eye. In a statement issued on January 9, 2020, WHO said, “According to Chinese authorities, the virus in question can cause severe illness in some patients and does not transmit readily between people. China has strong public health capacities and resources to respond and manage respiratory disease outbreaks.”


Instead of informing the Finnish taxpayer (which forcibly funds it) of how the WHO leadership has behaved during the crisis, Mika Hentunen decides to take potshots at the US President. It’s is the safer thing to do. The Finnish media’s reflexive tendency to tread softly where Communist regimes – and international bodies- are concerned, has a track record. During the Cold War, self-censorship by the Finnish media, especially by YLE was commonly known.


It’s not, however, just YLE. Seven years ago the Iranian embassy in Finland complained about an online paper published by the Finnish Department of Defense University that was critical of Iran, and got it temporarily removed until this blog’s report was picked up by the international media. After the JPost’s story made news here, the Defense University then reinstated the paper.


Some may say that the YLE story by Hentunen could be the actions of just one journalist, but what about the gatekeeper who has the final say on any article qued up for possible publishing? Well, it’s not just that one journalist, there’s a whole conga-line of them reporting on the US who take their queue from the Democrat Party Press, a.k.a. the US media.


Buried at the bottom of the Hentunen piece is the link to an article by YLE correspondent, Pirkko Pöntinen, who is reporting on the same issue. Pöntinen fails to address the accusations of the US President against the current WHO Director-General as well. This is not a coincidence, but policy. The charges against Tedros are serious, they amount to saying that the D-G is nothing more than a stooge for the Chinese Communist regime (which helped to secure his current seat btw) and is in part, responsible for the spreading of the Coronavirus around the world.


YLE is simply not to be trusted in dealing with the story in a factual and honest way, it will not upset the relations between Finland and China, as well as with the UN. It’s behaved in the exact same way with Iran, with FM Zariff, during his most recent visit) and Pakistan (handed softball questions to Musharraf when he came to Finland), and during the entire Mohamed cartoon crisis and with Islam in general. It’s only with the US and other Western leaders, smaller thug regimes, and the fading Russian influence of Moscow, will YLE thumb its nose at. Full-blown totalitarian regimes where the Finnish government has a financial interest, gets a gentler touch.


Trump has a compelling need to find a scapegoat for Corona – aiming at the World Health Organization

Trump’s administration may cut WHO funding in the midst of a pandemic, writes US correspondent Mika Hentunen.



WASHINGTON Americans react differently to Finns from the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus. Many buy a new gun.


Nearly two million guns were sold in March. Higher sales figures were only reported in 2013 after Sandy Hook’s school shooting.


The deal has also been fast in April. To ease congestion (you switch to another service),the federal agency that oversees the sale of guns and ammunition approved gun dealership-like pick-up point sales.


The behavior of the state leadership is also different. Finland is getting serious. President Trump, on the other hand, described his role as president above all as a shout leader (you move to another service)that is not intimidated by threats. His job is to snag and keep the business running.


So Trump isn’t a safe father figure, and his supporters don’t expect that from him either. They want a “strong leader” who pursues the interests of Americans.


It is starting to be problematic for Trump that Korona has caused some of her supporters to be in pain. In the United States, the 20,000-crown victim limit was exceeded on Saturday.


He has already found scapegoats to which he is shifting attention from his mistakes.


The latest goal has been the World Health Organization (WHO). Trump plans to launch talks to reform the WHO this week.


The President criticizes the WHO for its poor management of the corona crisis and poor communication. According to Trump, China has a far too big role in its operations.


Although previous administrations have criticized the WHO, Trump now seems to be serious. Faithfully in his ways, he has begun to hint at the cessation of funding if the organization does not make the reforms he wants.


The United States is the largest single donor to the WHO. With more than $ 400 million, it accounts for 15 percent of the health organization’s annual budget. Suspension of payments in the midst of a pandemic could have a crippling effect on its ability to act.


Congressional Republicans have also taken to the teeth the WHO, the existence of which few in Washington even a few weeks ago even remembered.


According to media reports, there are plans in the United States (moving to another service)to set up a new organization that will completely replace the WHO, or at least to channel its funds elsewhere.


Trump has already shown in the case of the Paris Climate Agreement and the Iranian nuclear deal that he ignores international protests. Lifting a UN like the WHO into the beak of a stick sits in line.


There is an order for scapegoats, as the political pressures are enormous. The number of deaths in the United States is projected to increase tenfold to date. Trump was not up to date on the dangers of the disease in the first half of the year, although warnings rained down from all over. In the future, he needs to be more specific.


At the same time, there are growing demands to end the stagnation of the economy. The number of unemployed is likely to rise to more than 20 million next week.


Payment difficulties for companies and individuals have begun to pass on to landlords and lenders, among others. There may be a system-level bankruptcy ahead.


Cash will soon be coming to the taxpayer as Korona aid. Those earning up to $ 75,000 per year will receive $ 1,200 and a couple earning $ 150,000 will receive $ 2,400 in support.


That is not enough to make up for the loss of income. According to the survey, a third of check recipients do not survive (you move to another service)even a month.


Those who become unemployed can apply for 13 weeks of unemployment insurance. However, it is not certain to get it.


If the current stalemate continues into the summer, millions of people will begin to be in real distress. That is why business should be made to rotate as quickly as possible.


Health experts, for their part, strongly warn that premature deregulation would only prolong the epidemic.


On Tuesday, President Trump plans to appoint a new working group of experts to begin preparing for a return to normal life. The working group will help the president make a decision on the timing. Trump describes the decision in advance  as the most difficult of his life.


Trump has to take a risk at the expense of both the health of the citizens and the economy of the country. Whatever he did, there is no problem-free way out.


Korona could retaliate against him as a defeat in next November’s presidential election. In recent days, industrial workers who are fanatical supporters of Trump have been laid off in the Libyan states that are crucial to the selection.



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