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Finland “Prepper Nation” Epic Fail: National Emergency Procurement Boss Resigns Over Using Known Criminal to Purchase Useless Face Masks…….


I’ve been following this story ever since it broke, especially in light of the NYT’s article Finland, ‘Prepper Nation of the Nordics,’ Isn’t Worried About Masks.


The man mentioned in the NYT article, Tomi Lounema, ironically stated the: “It’s in the Finnish people’s DNA to be prepared,”. Lounema has now been given the boot. It appears that the information reported by the NYT was not that accurate, at all. Presently the NYT has not retracted its piece, let alone updated it with the newer information, nor should we expect it to do so, this is the NYSlimes.


Note: The journalists responsible for the article are as follows: Christina Anderson reported from Stockholm, and Henrik Pryser Libell from Oslo. Constant Méheut contributed reporting from Paris, and Christopher F. Schuetze from Berlin.


Stockpile boss resigns after failed mask procurements

Tomi Lounema quit his job on Friday.

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Työministeri Tuula Haatainen (oik.) ja Huoltovarmuuskeskuksen hallituksen puheenjohtaja Ilona Lundström tiedotustilaisuudessa

Minister of Employment Tuula Haatainen (right) and chair of the board of the National Emergency Supply Agency Ilona Lindström at a press conference on Good Friday.
 Image: Jussi Nukari / Lehtikuva


The Managing Director of Finland’s National Emergency Supply Agency, Tomi Lounema, resigned on Friday after he admitted spending ten million euros on protective equipment that either was not up to scratch for hospital use, or not delivered by the reality TV star with whom he had agreed the contract.


Earlier on Friday Prime Minister Sanna Marin had said she had no confidence in Lounema’s management of the agency.


Minister of Employment Tuula Haatainen announced the resignation at a press conference, stating that the agency’s credibility had been damaged and Lounema’s interim replacement would be his deputy, Janne Känkänen.


Lounema had been heavily criticised this week when first it emerged that a consignment of masks failed tests and were therefore not sent to hospitals.


Suomen Kuvalehti then reported that Lounema had bought those masks from Onni Sarmaste, a payday lender, and that he was in dispute with reality TV star Tiina Jylhä over the payments.


Haatainen said that she had not heard of the deals until she read about them in the media.


Lounema subsequently admitted that he had agreed contracts with both Sarmaste and Jylhä, each worth five million euros, but the initial payment to Jylhä’s company had been frozen by her bank.


Känkänen said that the emergency supply agency has made preliminary orders from two private firms for 300,000 face masks and 60,000 respirators. He added that it was impossible to say whether the production of personal protective equipment in Finland could be guaranteed due to a shortfall of required machinery and materials.





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