Leftism in America

Daniel Greenfield: Bernie’s Defeat Shows Why Socialism Doesn’t Work…….


He blew 160 million dollars on a campaign that he never wanted to win…


Sanders, besides being a bloviating Marxist bore and a supposed ‘independent’ politician, he has always been a party man.


Bernie’s Defeat Shows Why Socialism Doesn’t Work

Socialism is about ego and greed, not helping people.

Senator Bernie Sanders, berated his staff, forced female staffers to sleep in the same rooms as men, exposed them to sexual harassment, spread hate, allied with terrorists, all to win two elections he lost.


The only thing the socialist got out of his failed campaigns was membership in the 1 percent.


That and memories of flying around the country and the world on private jets, and his three homes, and bulging bank accounts paid for by an army of gullible idiots who believed in his cause more than he did.


Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren could be locking up the Democrat nomination right now. Instead they wasted $300 million and lost to a crooked senile hack who can barely complete a sentence.


The two socialist candidates had raised the most money directly and through PACs, $182 million for Bernie, $151 million for Warren, had the most passionate supporters, and the best media coverage.


Why then did these two sprightly septuagenarian socialists lose? Because they’re socialists.


Socialists believe in redistributing other people’s things, but fiercely cling to their own. The greediest people in the world are lefties. The two socialist senators were full of big ideas for what to do with other people’s money, but don’t touch their homes and their millions. And don’t redistribute their voters.


When other Democrats dropped out and united behind Biden, Bernie and Warren couldn’t make way for each other. Even when Warren dropped out, she refused to endorse Bernie, dooming him to defeat.


Bernie and Warren were running on the same basic issues. When Warren refused to endorse Bernie, it was a suicide bombing that not only blew up his campaign, but took down her own platform with it.


It wasn’t about the issues. Bernie and Warren were really motivated by greed and ego.

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