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Finland: Over 1,500 China Corona cases, 19 deaths, hospitals get expired masks…….


A serious hiccup in what Finnish ‘experts’ say is the “world’s finest healthcare system”…


I keep hearing about Finland’s vast warehouse inventory of badly needed medical supplies, but what good are they if their expiration dates are dated from 2011?

Coronavirus latest: Over 1,500 cases in Finland, 19 deaths, hospitals get expired masks, minister tackles no-shows for online learning

This article includes the latest updates on the novel coronavirus outbreak in Finland.


  • 1,518 infections were confirmed on Thursday, an increase of 72 over the past day (2.4)
  • The THL reported 19 fatalities, with 160 patients in hospital, of whom 65 are in intensive care units (as of Thursday afternoon at 3.30pm)
  • Hospitals supplied with expired face masks
  • Education minister aims to ensure pupils attend online classes
  • Finland expands tight protocols to passengers arriving by sea
  • Unemployment benefit to cover entrepreneurs

2.4 20:15 Supo issues caution over emergency situation risks

Finland’s Security and Intelligence Service (Supo) says that the terrorism threat in Finland remains ‘elevated’ but unchanged at level 2 on a four-level scale.


Reacting to the current restrictions on movement imposed in Finland to curtail the spread of novel coronavirus, the agency warns that “prolonging the exceptional circumstances may result in an increase in threats to national security”. Read details of the security assessment here.


2.4 19:08 US-based research uni says 300 recovered from Covid-19 in Finland

Data from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC) suggest that so far, 300 people have regained their health after falling ill with novel coronavirus.


However keeping track of the number of recovered patients is not that simple, according to Veli-Jukka Anttila, medical chief of staff of the infectious diseases clinic at the Helsinki and Uusimaa hospital district (HUS). Read more here.


2.4 18:23 Unemployment benefit relief for struggling entrepreneurs

A new legislative proposal seeks to extend the right to unemployment benefits to all entrepreneurs affected by the coronavirus crisis, including those who have employees on the payroll. The current system requires business people to shut down their companies if they want to draw on unemployment benefits.


However under the proposed new rules they would not need to close up shop to receive the benefit and they would also be entitled to income from ongoing operations without losing the entire benefit. Read more about the plan here.



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