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Breitbart: Netherlands Recalls 600,000 Defective Masks Sent from China…….


How many people have died around the world due to faulty “Made in China” antibiotics, and other badly needed life-saving products..?


Netherlands Recalls 600,000 Defective Masks Sent from China

The Dutch government has recalled 600,000 medical masks imported from China to fight the Chinese virus after the masks were revealed to have defective filters.


The Netherlands ordered 1.3 million masks from the communist nation to protect medical staff and patients from the deadly virus that emerged from China. The masks, which arrived on March 21st, were soon discovered to have faulty membranes, thus rendering them useless in preventing the spread of coronavirus.


The masks had already been shipped to hospitals throughout the country, but it has not been reported whether or not medical staff had already begun using the faulty Chinese masks.


“When they were delivered to our hospital, I immediately rejected those masks,” a hospital worker told the Dutch broadcaster NOS.


“If those masks do not close properly, the virus particles can simply pass. We do not use them. That is unsafe for our people,” the person added.


The government said that the masks had been shipped with the correct EU certification, meaning that the masks should have conformed to European health standards. However, an inspection revealed that the masks were defective.


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