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German Intelligence Findings Prove Turk Govt Agents Disguised as Migrants Fuelled Riots at Greek Border…….


Turkey, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing…


German Intelligence: Turkish Govt Agents Disguised as Migrants Fuelled Riots at Greek Border

German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) findings indicate that the Turkish government purposely incited riots by planting members of its security services among crowds of migrants.


The BND accuses Turkish forces of intermixing with migrants along the border and posing as migrants themselves, throwing rocks and other missiles at Greek forces in an effort to incite riots and facilitate a breakthrough into Greece and the European Union.


The findings were denied by the Turkish authorities, according to German tabloid Bild, and the BND did not disclose further detail on the allegations to the newspaper when asked to comment.


Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan opened the border to Europe in late February, with Greece recording over 50,000 attempts by migrants to illegally cross the border by mid-March.


The Turkish government was forced to close the border again due to fears that the large crowds that had gathered in the area could potentially spread the Wuhan coronavirus which has recently begun to surge in Turkey, with over 3,600 cases recorded as of Friday.


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