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Finnish President Niinistö Lets Sweden and Russia Know It Will Send Back Aid-Seeking Migrants During Coronavirus Crisis…….


Like I said before, the Corona Crisis is driving a stake in the EU myth of “solidarity”…


H/T: Mikael Lith:

The risk is real that Sweden’s irresponsible corona policy, in particular, will lead to a collapse in health care in Sweden, whereby illegal immigrants and other immigrants in Sweden will cross Finland’s western border.

People during corona crisis could come to Finland from both Sweden and Russia seeking aid – President Niinistö emphasizes  that importance in a direct message to its neighbors: “We are not masters either”

In a desperate situation, the corona crisis could, in principle, spark interest in Finnish healthcare in neighboring countries.

ACCORDING TO PRESIDENT Sauli Niinistö , Finland must clearly communicate to its border neighbors that it is not a master at handling the corona situation. There is a concern in the background that in desperate situations people can move on.


Sweden and Russia have large numbers of dual nationals and migrant workers. In principle, they could become interested in Finnish health care in desperate circumstances.

– If despair overtakes the mind, then it’s easy to start grabbing at straws that do not exist. Therefore, the message from Finland must be very realistic, says President Niinistö.

President Niinistö emphasizes that he had had a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin before Finland closed its borders.

At the same time, Russia, for its part, closed its own borders.

So Finland’s borders are closed – also to the west.


According to the President, Finland’s message must still be clear.

– Despite the fact that we have been pretty convinced all the time that the corona situation is under control, it would be a good message that we are not the masters here. It’s worth stating out loud, too. Finland has a lot to do to take care of itself in this situation, Niinistö says.



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