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Finland: Government seals off Helsinki region from rest of the country…….




Uusimaa’s borders are being closed, transports are being prepared for those returning from the airport – Yle follows the historic day moment by moment

The government will hold a news conference on the closure of Uusimaa at 10 a.m. This article will be followed from time to time.


at 10:30 am: The Supply Security Center is releasing pharmaceutical supplies and protective equipment from its central stock to University Central Hospitals. The Supply Security Center has begun to acquire new protective equipment several weeks ago, says Haatainen.


The supply problem is hampered by the availability problem as demand for protective equipment is high. Now, however, Haatainen says that the market seems to be opening up and procurement can be carried out. In addition, the possibility of launching some protective equipment production in Finland is currently being explored.


10:27 am: According to Minister Haatainen, the exceptional situation and the closing of borders have caused problems with the availability of foreign labor. Problems are particularly evident in agriculture, where seasonal workers from abroad play a major role.  


10:22 am: Minister of Labor Tuula Haatainen (sd.) talks about the security of supply. According to Haatainen, grocery service operates normally throughout Finland. However, in the beginning of the crisis, Haatainen said that hoarding was targeted at certain product groups and led to temporary deficiencies. These included, for example, toilet paper and tissues.


10:15 am: Minister of Transport and Communications Timo Harakka (sd.) talks about organizing public transport. Passenger traffic will be curtailed and there will be a reduction in shifts. The aim is to enable necessary commuting and business travel. Freight traffic on the Uusimaa border is also ensured. 


at 10:11 am: Government Security Director Ahti Kurvinen was the first to report on the situation at the airport. Authorities have been criticized for allowing passengers returning from the epidemic area to enter public transport and return to their home areas without any quarantine instructions. 


According to Kurvinen, the border guards will ascertain at the passport inspection whether a passenger arriving at the airport in Finland has such a destination that quarantine can be arranged. If there is no quarantine facility, passengers will be directed to the quarantine accommodation provided by Luona oy. 


In addition, the traffic and communications agency Traficom has begun preparations for transporting those returning to Finland from the airport. 


Instead, according to Kurvinen, the Council of State does not prepare for the organization of separately supervised quarantine. 


at 10:00 am: Welcome to follow the Government Coronation Review. The information is due to start soon. The briefing and the twists and turns of the day will be followed up in this moment-to-moment article. 


Big things happen today. The movement of citizens is being restricted in the name of the fight against coronavirus.


Yle will follow the events of the day in this article.


The Committee on Constitutional Affairs will begin at 8:30 am in the morning to discuss a government decree prohibiting movement between Uusimaa and the rest of Finland. The chairman of the committee, Johanna Ojala-Niemelä (sd.), Has assured that the report will be collected today.


Once the report is finalized, it will move to Parliament at a rapid pace. Parliament is expected to address this issue today.


In practice, this is the implementation of section 118 of the Emergency Act (you move to another service). Accordingly, in exceptional circumstances, the Government may, by decree, prohibit people from staying in a particular area or restrict movement if it is necessary in the interests of human life or health. According to the law, this can be done for a maximum of three months at a time. The criteria must be very weighty.


The Government will hold a news conference on the same subject, Closing the Uusimaa at 10am. Yle is present and will be broadcast as part of a special broadcast starting at 9:58 pm which you can watch in this article, Yle Arena and TV1 and listen to Yle Radio Finland.


In the afternoon, you can ask questions in the chat from 3pm to 4pm on work issues such as layoffs and employee negotiations during the corona. Questions from the public are answered by employment lawyers. All chats are at (you are moving to another service).



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