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Avi Abelow and Caroline Glick discuss latest events in Israeli politics: Netanyahu & Gantz Save Israel from a Political Nightmare…….


An excellent review of the latest events…


Netanyahu & Gantz Save Israel from a Political Nightmare

Prime Minister Netanyahu succeeded in convincing Blue & White leader Benny Gantz to join an emergency coalition government and stop the dangerous political plan Gantz had put into action; relying on the anti-Israel Joint Arab list, with the assistance of the Supreme Court in damaging Israel’s democratic system.


Caroline Glick has a fabulous short analysis of the breakup of Blue & White and Benny Gantz’s agreement to join a coalition with Netanyahu. For her full analysis see the full interview below.

I have been extremely critical of Benny Gantz and his Blue & White party in their evil plan to form a government with the support of the anti-Israel Joint Arab list at the same time as damaging Israel’s democracy, hand in hand with the judicial establishment by allowing them to usurp the powers of Israel’s legislative branch, the Knesset. He ran three election campaigns focused on one promise – to get rid of Netanyahu from the Israeli political scene, it was called the “anything but Bibi” coalition, and he was willing do anything to accomplish it, even partnering with anti-Israel forces.

Literally seconds before Gantz would have been unable to turn back from implementing that plan, Netanyahu succeeded in convincing him to stop it. Instead, Gantz made the first correct political decision of his short political career and decided to join up with Netanyahu in forming an emergency government so that the State of Israel can finally have a government to properly deal with the coronavirus that is the most pressing issue our country faces. It was a bold move that he must be given credit for, while at the same time not forgiven for the horrendous plan he was almost successful in implementing.

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