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Finland: Police detail Uusimaa lockdown, every car and train passenger will be checked…….


This is really a draconian measure, but it just might be worth it…



The major cases of infection are in the south, I have relatives there, I want to see them as well, but the safety of society is paramount. This is the burden placed upon all of us thanks to the Chinese CCP dictatorship’s hiding needed information early on, and the WHO parroting their disinformation.

This is how the police intend to lockdown Uusimaa – every car, every train passenger is to be checked

At the press conference, the Police Board announced new movement restrictions and their enforcement.
  • Uusimaa will be isolated from the rest of Finland from Friday. The activities are led by the Helsinki Police.
  • Only critical and serious border crossings are allowed.
  • The Police Board and the Helsinki Police reported on the preparations at the press conference.

On Thursday, the Police Board and the Helsinki Police told about the methods of implementing the isolation in Uusimaa.


The government has issued a decree to close the province because Uusimaa is the focal point of the coronavirus epidemic and efforts should be made to prevent the virus from spreading to the rest of Finland.


Uusimaa is placed behind the locks by tough practical measures. As many as 700 police officers, the Defense Forces, and the Border Guard establish tens of roads with locking points where all passengers are screened. Police have been patrolling at train stations and inside trains as of Friday. Lasse Aapio, the Police Director of the Helsinki Police, said that the passengers’ intentions would be checked at the latest when they arrive in Tikkurila or Helsinki.


Traveling is allowed mainly due to the necessary work, illness of a relative or meeting with a child. The appropriateness of all border crossers is assessed on a case-by-case basis. The police are asking citizens to produce written proof of their travel.


– The police are not listening to very long reports, Aapio said.


Iltalehti compiled answers to key questions raised during the event. Moment by moment – you can read the follow-up below.


How is monitoring implemented in practice?

Roadblocks, including motorways, will be established on the main thoroughfares. The lanes will be closed. Each motorist and passenger is asked about the purpose of the trip and must be given verbally or in writing. The police make the decision on the spot and on a case-by-case basis. The smallest roads or paths cannot be controlled, but police strongly urge isolation for health reasons. Roadblocks will be 30 – 40 and they look at the amount of shut-off time progresses.


What if I get caught breaking the restriction?

This is an emergency law violation, which, according to Police Chief Seppo Kolehmainen, is a clear and simple criminal matter. The person will be fined in the penalty procedure. If a person disputes a contingency law violation, the case is subject to a preliminary investigation and goes to prosecution and district court.


How do the authorities deal with cottage traffic?

It is forbidden to go to the cottage unless the reason for the trip is explicitly to help a sick, relatives who have left the cottage. Police are instructing people to return to their homes immediately if they are already in their cottages, as directed by the Government.


By what authority does the Defense Forces participate?

The Police Headquarters are solely responsible for the operation and the Defense Forces operate under the authority of the Police. Police are asking officials – help with practical arrangements. The Defense Forces is involved in the implementation of roadblocks with both frontline personnel and conscripts.



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