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Finland: Politician of Somali origin wants major shopping mall closed due to in part, Somali social habits…….


Time to chuck all that ‘home country’ habits to the wayside and listen to instructions…

Coronavirus kills several with Somali backgrounds in Stockholm – Helsinki commissioner worried about Puhos ostar gatherings

On Tuesday, a lot of people sat in the cafes of the shopping mall in Puotinharju.

SOMALI- born city councilor Suldaan Said Ahmed ( is calling for the closure of the Puhos Shopping Center in the Itäkeskus shopping center in Helsinki, because the community living and working there does not seem to comply with assembly restrictions.

Suldaan Said Ahmed

Saidaan Said Ahmed Photo: MARTTI KAINULAINEN


Said Ahmed is concerned that the mall’s immigrant community has “continued to live as before” despite the coronavirus situation. He fears that the coronavirus will spread from Puhos to large immigrant families and thus wider.


Said Ahmed says he went to see the situation on Puhos himself on Sunday evening, and he said no restrictions on gatherings were seen in cramped cafes, restaurants and barbershops.

Elsewhere in Helsinki, customers were still sitting in the bars last weekend, as revealed in a tour by the HS.


IN SWEDEN, A Swedish-Somali medical association told SVT on Monday that six out of nine people who had died of coronavirus in the Stockholm area so far were of Somali origin.


“When the virus spread to Sweden, there was not much information about it in Somali and many lived as before,” said Jihan Mohamed, a board member of the association, to the SVT.

According to Mohamed, the deaths that have been particularly pronounced in the Stockholm lake area and are possibly due to the presence of overcrowded spaces and lower than average public health.

CITY COUNCILOR Said Ahmed does not believe that the situation in Puhos is based solely on communication, although he considers communication vital. He believes virus awareness also went to the Puhos area.


Said Ahmed intends to hold a press conference in Somali on his social media channels and make people aware of the gravity of the situation.



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