Chi-Com Wuhan Corona Virus Crisis

China CCP Corona Virus: NY Lubavitcher Doctor Claims success in treating 350 patients with Hydroxychloroquine drug combination…….


Ross Fairchild on Twitter:


Dr Zelenko of Orange county NY is the Doctor @seanhannity spoke to, he’s my doctor and as a 25 year veteran as a volunteer Medical tech in the EMS I have witnessed his great and tireless work fighting this #ChineseVirus


The Hydroxy Chloroquine is significantly reducing the inflammatory response to the lungs… and kills the virus. The Azithromycin fights off the opportunistic bacteria.


A NY Doctor shared with Hannity his Hydroxy Chloroquine/Azithromycin results.

200mg 2x daily Hydroxy Chloroquine

500mg 1x daily Azithromycin

220mg 1x daily Zinc sulfate


350 patients

• Breathing restored 3-4 hours

• Zero deaths

• Zero hospitalizations

• Zero intubations


Also here.

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