Finland: Bus driver fined, ordered to compensate heavily perfumed Somali woman for saying she stank…….


He should have just stopped the bus, got off and requested a replacement due to not being able to focus on his driving because of the smell of the overpowering perfume.


Anyone using that much perfume is a social disrupter, a narcissist, and totally without compassion for the other. I suspect the reason for the use of smelly perfume is to mask the lack in proper body hygiene.


As a fellow sufferer from upper respiratory disease. I’ve walked through the entrance of the Sokos department store in Jyväskylä, and literally had to run through that huge department devoted to female perfume.


It’s horrendous, and luckily I had my Bufomix inhaler handy. Anyone suffering from that or similar diseases knows what I’m talking about.


The courts have been corrupted for years due to Leftist politics. They’re meant to scare members of society from engaging in normal, everyday behavior, for fear of being brought into kangaroo courts on these trumped-up charges. Looking cross-eyed at people will be a criminal offense before long. Just wait and see.


The bus driver interrupted trip because of a female passenger: “You stink!”

Today at 1:21
The bus driver interrupted the trip in Espoo because of the “smelly” female passenger – the result was a fine.


The situation that led to the court proceedings began when a female passenger with a Somali background wearing perfume boarded a bus in Espoo. She sat in the front of the bus.


After a while, there was a knocking coming from behind the driver’s plexiglas. The driver referred to the woman and reported that she smelled and that she should sit in the back of the bus.


She was dismayed. However, she disobeyed the driver, and returned to her seat.


The driver went for coffee.

The driver wouldn’t give up. He shouted several times loudly that a woman had to leave at the next stop. Other passengers heard how the driver loudly repeated to the woman that she smelled.


At the next stop, the driver stopped the bus and came next to the woman, telling her to get off the bus.


– The bus will not move until you leave! the driver reported.


A nearby passenger said he was calling the police, and he did. The driver, on the other hand, went out to the stop and started drinking coffee from his thermos while other passengers were waiting confused on the bus.


After an extra coffee break, the driver returned to the bus, put on a face mask and began driving while coughing profusely. The cough stopped when the “smelly passenger” got off.


“Defamatory to human dignity”

The incident led to a criminal investigation and prosecution. The bus driver was charged with defamation. The prosecution insisted that the sentence be increased because he felt that the act was motivated by racist reasons.


The accused, for his part, said the passenger had heavily smelled, causing him breathing difficulties. The driver presented, among other things, a medical certificate stating that he suffered, among other things, from an infection of the upper respiratory tract.


However, the District Court stated that the diagnosis was not relevant to the case in question. It considered that the driver’s conduct had been degrading, infringing and disrespectful to the plaintiff.


According to the court, the driver would have had a clear opportunity to do otherwise in that situation.


Not given harsher sentence


The District Court of Länsi-Uusimaa sentenced a driver born in 1957 to a penalty of 30 daily penalties for defamation. The prosecutor had already waived the requirement to press the court during the proceedings and that article was not applied to the penalty.


The driver was fined €270. He was ordered to pay eur 500 in compensation to the yong female passenger who used perfume for the suffering caused by the infringement.


The incident occurred before Christmas 2018. The Helsinki Court of Appeal dismissed the driver’s appeal and thus upheld the district court’s judgment by a decision of Friday.



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