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Daniel Greenfield: The Zombie Apocalypse of Leftist Institutions…….


The Leftist virus is more dangerous than the Chinese Wuhan Corona Virus ever could be…


The Zombie Apocalypse of Leftist Institutions

Like every virus, leftist politics cease to have any meaning once the host is dead.

Western civilization depends on the existence of objective truths. And not just any objective truths. All societies believe in something, but our civilization is unique in forming intellectual systems for discovering truths, objectively determining their validity, and building institutions around them.


That is the genius of western civilization.


America took this genius to its apex with the self-evident truths of the Declaration of Independence, taking government out of the realm of mysticism, away from specialists, and turning it over to the people, guided not by class and title, but by pursuing their own interests with character and virtue.


Today, American government is almost wholly run by specialists, a massive administrative state whose employees are virtually impossible to fire, and an elected class of officials with near universal law degrees, without character or virtue, for the sake of the collective good. As they understand it.


Our institutions are useless and mistrust is universal because we have run out of objective truths. Institutions and intellectual systems don’t function without objective truths. Neither do people.


The Left began its civilizational assault by spreading mistrust in the independence of the individual and the worth of institutions through conspiracy theories about class, gender and then race. It undermined confidence in meritocracy and individual initiative to build support for a takeover of institutions through violent revolution and political agitation so that those institutions would pursue its political goals.


The Declaration of Independence was not just a name. It asserted the independence of nations and individuals within the nation as the best means of assuring their happiness and their interests. The Left is its antithesis, agitating for the collectivization of individuals and nations, the sacrifice of personal interests and individual life, to the greater good of all of humanity, through institutional takeovers.


The politicization of institutions of ideas, especially academic and cultural, poisoned the well of ideas at the source. Unable to challenge our objective truths on their own terms, they went high or low, attacking the structure of reality or demanding that all ideas reflect the problems of society. Often, they did both, arguing, for example, that science is invalid because it’s the work of white men, attacking objective truth through social criticism, insisting that reality is subjective, and therefore unknowable.


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