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Finland: Minstry of Social Affairs Not Reporting How Many China Coronavirus Patients In Intensive Care ……?


Christian Democrat leader is getting to the bottom of it…


Intensive care

On Thursday there was some confusion when STT reported that the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health had asked healthcare workers not to publish the number of coronavirus patients in intensive care in their local areas.


Ilta-Sanomat reports that in parliament Christian Democrat leader Sari Essayah asked why that was the case, and Minister for Family Affairs and Basic Services Krista Kiuru said the report was the first she’d heard of the prohibition and she would get to the bottom of it.


She also decided to reveal that there are five patients currently in intensive care with coronavirus in Finland, and four of them are in the Helsinki and Uusimaa hospital district (HUS).


Subsequently Helsingin Sanomat called HUS to ask for more details, and reports that the youngest patient in intensive care is aged under 40.


“The number of intensive care patients is really small, but they have required treatment everywhere, for example in Italy and France,” said HUS Infectious diseases doctor Asko Järvinen. “It’s still individual patients, the majority of those seriously sick are older, over 65.”


Järvinen declined to reveal any information about the patients’ gender, whether they have underlying conditions, or their condition in intensive care.



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