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Finland: Notorious Serial Liar MP Hussein al-Taee (SDP) Insists Rejected Asylum Seekers Be Given Automatic 5 Years Residency…….


Never let a crisis go to waste…


That Hussein feels free to regularly “pop-off” whenever it suits him, shows the degree of SDP rehabilitation he feels. He no longer has to hide in the shadows where he actually belongs.


Hussein al-Taee: Homes for undocumented will slow down epidemic

According to the SDP MP, asylum seekers who have been denied are particularly vulnerable.


According to SDP MP Hussein al-Tae , ensuring decent housing for undocumented people is part of the process of slowing down the corona epidemic.


He believes that, in addition to older people, asylum seekers, and in particular those who have been refused asylum, are currently in a vulnerable position.


– Paperless people are outside the Finnish system, albeit in acute health care. Even though access to acute health care is not a problem, lack of knowledge about the virus and poor living conditions where there is a greater risk of spreading the disease can be a problem, Hussein al-Taee said in the release.


– Families with children are among the paperless. Exceptional solutions are now needed, especially to improve the living conditions and health of children and their parents, al-Taee continues.


The MP points out that Finland is committed to guaranteeing an equal right to health regardless of social origin. According to him, the majority of long-standing asylum seekers in Finland come from fragile countries, where the global epidemic is already affecting the already weak health care system. For example, in Iraq, coronavirus patients who are severely ill cannot receive adequate hospitalization.


Hussein al-Taee calls for urgent action, especially for asylum seekers who have been received a negative asylum decision, which, according to some estimates, currently are close to 3,000 people.


– In such an exceptional situation, it would be justified to grant asylum seekers residence permits for long periods of time, even to five years, for humanitarian reasons, as the coronary epidemic is expected to continue to be serious for a long time, both in our country and worldwide. This arrangement would provide decent paperless people with decent housing and thus reduce the risk of spreading the virus, says al-Taee.

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