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Trump tests negative for #MadeInChina Wuhan Virus…….


Trump haters hardest hit…



Trump tests NEGATIVE for coronavirus: Doctor says the president, 73, does not have the virus and is ‘symptom free’ as the White House starts temperature checks on staff and reporters after turning away journalist with a fever

  • President Trump has tested negative for the coronavirus, his doctor revealed 
  • ‘The president remains symptom-free,’ in-house physician Sean Conley wrote
  • Trump revealed he was tested on Friday night after being questioned by reporters  
  • Trump came in contact with three people who later tested positive for the virus 
  • White House for the first time began screening journalists for fevers on Saturday
  • One reporter was rejected from the briefing with a temperature of 99.9F  
  • Revealed that his own temperature was ‘totally normal’ when checked Saturday
  • Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should you see a doctor?

President Donald Trump has tested negative for coronavirus, his doctor revealed Saturday, hours after the White House began temperature checks on staff and reporters who may come into contact with the president.


Trump said that had been tested on Friday night, after fielding questions about it during a press conference due to contact with at least three people who later tested positive for the virus.


On Saturday evening, the president’s physician Sean Conley released a letter in which he confirmed the results of Trump’s test had returned negative and that he remains ‘symptom free’.


Conley claimed in a letter on Friday evening that the president, 73, is low-risk despite his age and his previous contact with people who tested positive.

Yet before a press briefing with the president on Saturday, journalists were screened for a high temperature with one being turned away.


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