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Italy: Italian Actor Pleads for Help After Sister Dies From Coronavirus, No One Will Remove The Body…….


This is desperate…


Video — Italian Actor Pleads for Help After Sister Dies from Coronavirus: ‘Italy Has Abandoned Us’

Italian actor and mixed martial arts trainer Luca Franzese was trapped in his house for more than 36 hours with the corpse of his sister, who had died of Coronavirus. “Italy has abandoned us,” said Franzese in a video, with his sister’s corpse visible in the background.


“This is a very strong video, please don’t show it to children and elderly people. I am forced in all my pain to fight this situation,” said Franzese in a Facebook video pleading for help from Italian authorities.


“I have my sister in bed, dead, I don’t know what to do,” he added. “I cannot give her the honor she deserves because the institutions have abandoned me. I contacted everyone, but nobody was able to give me an answer.”


“I’ve been waiting for the institutions to give me answers since last night. Nobody came forward,” said Franzese, who was reportedly unable to find a funeral home that would bury his sister, Teresa Franzese.


The Italian actor was reportedly trapped in the house for 36 with his sister, who tested positive for the coronavirus after her death on Saturday, reports Daily Mail.


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