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Palestinian controlled areas: Traditional values make it difficult for Palestinian women to find work……


Here’s yet another story concerning the discrimination of Muslim females, that describes the symptoms, but refuses to name the disease…

“Men are preferred because of the old stereotypes that females can’t do what males can, but we can,” she insisted. “I’m willing to go and cover stories at night, at any time. During the war, I was the first to cover a story.”

Islamic “traditional values” is another way to say “life according to the koran and hadiths”. The more a society is Islamized, the more backward and oppressive it becomes. There is no getting around that fact.

Traditional values make it difficult for Palestinian women to find work

Gaza woman: ‘If you measure the rate of depression, you’ll find it higher than that for unemployment’

Unemployment rates for Palestinian women are sky-high, mainly because of the challenges they face in a traditional, male-dominated society, but also due to difficult economic circumstances.

The unemployment rate for women in the Gaza Strip was 57% in the third quarter of 2019, the latest period for which figures have been compiled, while in the West Bank it came to 42%, Khaled Radwan, an official at the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, told The Media Line.

In 2018, 51% of all Palestinian women were unemployed, and in 2017 the rate was 48.8%.

“But what’s shocking is that the women’s [labor] participation rate is 18%,” he said, blaming low salaries.

Haifa al-Agha, a former Palestinian Authority minister of women based in Gaza, told The Media Line that the unemployment rate for women there might actually be as high as 70%, explaining that when there is a job opening, a man gets priority, even if a woman is better qualified.

“They see men as more reliable when it comes to work,” she stated, explaining that this is a traditional view in Palestinian society.

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