Nearly 8 in 10 Greeks Support Government’s Border Control Policy…….


The EU elitist cabal couldn’t care less about public opinion polls when it goes against their policies…


Nearly 8 in 10 Greeks Support Government’s Border Control Policy

A total of 76 per cent of the Greek public support the tough border control policy enacted by the conservative Greek government, according to polling.


The poll, which was conducted by polling firm Pulse, found that just 18 per cent of the Greek public thought the measures currently being taken by the government to stop large numbers of migrants entering the country was wrong.


The results also showed that 84 per cent of Greeks were very concerned about Turkey’s attitude toward the border situation, Greek newspaper Proto Thema reports.


Respondents were also asked about their concerns regarding the spread of the coronavirus in Greece, which has around 45 confirmed cases so far. Just under half of those surveyed, 42 per cent, said they were concerned about a major outbreak occurring in Greece.


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