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Daniel Greenfield: Democrat campaign rallies are being disrupted by radicals protected by Berkeley Democrats…….


The Left is an ugly thing to watch, let alone hear…

The Pro-Sanders Vegan Cult That’s Upstaging 2020 Democrats

Democrat campaign rallies are being disrupted by radicals protected by Berkeley Democrats.

Like its namesake, the Biden campaign does odd and inexplicable things. Even as a panicked Democrat establishment united to boost him to a win on Super Tuesday, Biden was in the one major state that he lost badly to Bernie Sanders. And when he decided to give a loudly incoherent victory speech, he did it in Los Angeles, putting him within reach of Bernie Sanders supporters and animal rights activists.


Two of them upstaged him and birthed a thousand memes by leaping on to the stage with anti-dairy signs. One of the women was a veteran animal rights activist and the other, whom Jill Biden was photographed pushing away from her husband, is a passionate Bernie Sanders supporter who can be seen wearing a Sanders campaign t-shirt reading, “I’ve got a Bern-ing passion” on Instagram.


The same group had targeted Elizabeth Warren on Super Tuesday. Three vegan activists, one of them an aspiring actress and other two semi-topless, one of whom had written, “Die” on her stomach, held up, “Let Dairy Die” signs while Warren stared coldly at them from the podium, before California state cops awkwardly removed them from the stage. The media never bothered to report it in a testament to the failing nature of Warren’s campaign which was so non-newsworthy that it couldn’t even be bothered.


The two topless protesters who had disrupted a Bernie Sanders rally earlier had garnered more coverage, but, paradoxically, the radical animal rights group behind it is a big fan of Bernie. Unlike the Biden and Warren protests, the members of Direct Action Everywhere or DxE emphasized that they were supporters of the socialist senator who wanted him to stop supporting Vermont’s top industry.

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