Finnish authorities would help Muslim settlers from Turkey into Greece…….


In other words, onward Muslim settlers marching off to Scandinavia…


Maria Ohisalo’s response to the committee was that the Finnish authorities would respect international law and help the newcomers to Greece.
According to Ohisalo, Finland cannot support activities that prevent arrivals because it violates international conventions and the fundamental human rights of these people.


Maria Ohisalo shrugged: Finnish authorities would help the newcomers to Greece

The interior minister said to the Committee that we cannot support the breach of agreements.


Minister of the Interior, Maria Ohisalo (Vihr.), was on Wednesday to be heard by the Grand Committee on Migration: the situation at the EU’s external borders. The Minister clarified in a telephone conversation from Brussels, where she represented Finland at the extraordinary meeting at the Justice and Home Affairs Council.


There were 17 speeches in the large committee. The minister was first asked what it means to support Greece in the situation. Does Finland support what Greece does, i.e. trying to prevent Turkey from seeking asylum?


According to those in the meeting, Maria Ohisalo did not answer the question.


Finally, the Committee asked the Minister for clarity on the possible situation. In that, the Greek border guards physically prevent entrants from reaching the Greek border to seek refuge. Would Finland be supported by Frontex as part of this operation?


The question was about a situation in which the Finnish authorities have gone to help the Greek authorities, which are pushing off the rubber boats coming from the Turkish side of the country. What would the Finnish authorities do?


Maria Ohisalon’s response to the Committee was that the Finnish authorities respected international laws and help the newcomers to Greece.


Finland does not, according to Ohisalis, be able to support activities where entrants are prevented because it runs counter to international agreements and the basic and human rights of these people.


– It caused quite a stir and reaction in the Grand Committee, a committee member describes.


“Nobody was left in doubt, it was such an exhaustive answer.


In the committee, some welcomed that Finland does not support such activities, which do not support international agreements. Some found it bad that Finland would go to prevent and impede the action that Greece seeks to close its borders.

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