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Finland: Fresh Poll Sees Finns Party Lead Lessened, SDP, Center and National Coalition Numbers Improve…….


The poll comes on the heels of the Finns Party youth group being scrutinized for one of its ranking officials coming out as a “Fascist”, during a political meeting in Estonia. He is no longer a party member.


As we wait on the edge of our seats for yet another deluge of Muslim migrants, keep in mind that the Finns party has swelled its numbers based on immigration and anti-Islamization over the past few years. The current Marxist orientated government seems intent on repeating the disastrous policies of 2015-16. The Finns party will gain more support, but at the cost of tens of thousands of mostly male “refugees” flooding the country.


YLE’s support measure: SDP continues to rise, Center and National Coalition pick up – Finns’ lead slightly narrows

The shift in government seems to weigh in on the support of the Greens and the Left.


Party support


The center is moving towards a more comforting turn in the YLE February Party polling.


In the previous poll, the party dived by just over a percentage point, but now the popularity of the center is up 1.6 percentage points to 12.4 percent.


This is the only change beyond this margin in this measurement.


Although support for the party is still relatively low, chairman Katri Kulmuni is not going to be removed with these figures at the June party meeting.


– There is a wave of support in the center and now they look a little better. The increase is mainly due to the center getting its own voters back from the public, says Tuomo Turja , Research Director of Economic Research.


The Sanna Marin phenomenon seems to be continuing


The direction of the SDP is still upwards, this time by 0.6 percentage points. For the SDP, the support of 16.6% is not strange in itself. It remains below the previous parliamentary election result.


However, the party’s popularity has strengthened three times in a row since Sanna Marin was elected Prime Minister in place of Antti Rinne.


In the turmoil of late autumn, the popularity of the SDP was already down to 13.2 percent. Until the summer party meeting, Rinne was chairman of the party, but Marin is already considered the number one in the SDP.



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