Buffoonery MUSLIM SETTLERS Netherlands

Netherlands: Bureaucracy pays € 1 million a week to asylum applicants…….


The costs of extreme buffoonery…



Slow bureaucracy leads to huge payments for asylum seekers

In the Netherlands money is being paid to asylum seekers if the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) does not treat an asylum request within six months. Deputy Minister of Justice, Broekers-Knol has written to parliament saying that the fines the IND has to pay this year are likely to reach €70 million as against a budget of €17 million.



The IND pays € 1 million a week to asylum applicants

THE HAGUE – The slow processing of asylum applications at the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) is an even bigger problem than expected. At present, even one million euros in penalties are paid per week, writes State Secretary Broekers-Knol (Justice) to the House of Representatives.


With the current state of affairs, the amount of fines that the IND must pay this year comes to around 70 million euros. “The reality is that the commitment is currently running up to a million euros a week,” the minister said. Earlier it was estimated that 17 million euros would have to be paid to asylum seekers in the coming year for too slow procedures, but that is far too rosy.

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