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Finland: Hollywood star James Woods “corralled” into mocking Oulu security dance…….


Eh, James Woods is a well known independent thinker, he’s never going to be corralled, harnessed or lured into doing anything he doesn’t approve of…


Instead of warning young girls about the dangers of getting involved with foreign Muslim men, most of which entered the country on false premises, these chuckleheads put together a ridiculous video about their “No No Squares”. That’s why the video went viral, albeit not in the way producers of the film clip intended.


Hollywood star corralled into mocking Oulu security dance – Video project workers harassed


The video, made by Oulu-based project staff for youths, has received worldwide attention when veteran actor James Woods saw it and became enthusiastic about it.

A series of sexual crimes against minors was revealed in Oulu in December 2018. During the media upheaval, government ministers flew to Oulu to assess the situation and to assure that the government would do its utmost to prevent and solve sexual crimes.

Ministries promised funding for sexual crime prevention activities. This was the start of the Safe Oulu project , which has evolved into a battering ram for the far right.

The three-year project’s public shaming culminated last week when the Oulu City Council’s genuine Finnish community, Asyl, rejected the entire project at a council meeting and suggested that the money should be spent on far-right death squads.

Since then, the delegate and his deputy delegate have widely distributed online video made by project workers for the young. In a video downloaded for the TikTok mobile application, the Nopsa team of the City of Oulu is dancing the No-no-square sex-education meme dance circulating in different versions of TikTok .

THE EXTREME RIGHT believes that the video is useless, embarrassing and does not prevent sex crimes. The video was also broadcast to an American movie star who continued to delve into Oulu. He describes the video as a “Democrat imbeciles” hype.


” So you have Democrat imbeciles in your country, too!”, Woods tweeted on February 29th. He has 2.2 million followers on Twitter.

Named Hollywood’s loudest conservative, James Woods has twice been nominated for an Oscar. He has won the Emmy Award twice.




Kati Kaarlejärvi , project manager for the SAFE OULU project, says that the social media turmoil seems to be intentional harassment that has targeted both the project and the project staff.


– On Friday night and Saturday morning I noticed something was happening on social media. I knew from experience that this was a deliberate harassment campaign. It was scheduled for the weekend and the start of the ski holiday. It is meant to invalidate the work we do, he estimates.




I was with Katie Hopkins in Oulu last year dealing when she challenged local Finnish leaders about their handling of the Oulu rape crisis brought on by the government after it allowed tens of thousands of Muslim men to cross its border from Sweden.



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