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Netherlands: Imam Suhayb Salam verbally attacks Parliamentary Inquiry Commission…….



Imam verbally attacks Parliamentary Inquiry Commission

A parliamentary inquiry commission in the Netherlands investigates the foreign financing of mosques. Imam Suhayb Salam of the alFitrah-mosque in Utrecht appeared for it and accused the commission of discrimination. He said to the parliamentarians: the law has given my rights and you are violating them. He refused to stand and take the oath. 

Parliamentary Inquiry Committee hearing: Imam Salam turns the tables

In the House of Representatives survey room, the tension during his hearing on Wednesday afternoon only increases further, and from the first moment he has announced what he thinks of the parliamentary inquiry into foreign funding of mosques: Discrimination. “The law has given me rights, you are violating it,” he says. His microphone is turned off because he refuses to stop talking. Salam: ‘This is exactly the picture the government is doing. And anyone can watch. Hahaha.’


The commission wanted Salam as a witness to get clarity about the financing of the alFitrah mosque in Utrecht and about the anti-democratic ideas that he would spread. Despite a court decision, he refuses to comply with his legal obligation to provide access to the documents requested by the committee.

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