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Finnish Police Organization: “Bombs Not Yet Exploding But It could Be Waiting For US”…….


Swedish Democrat politician Kent Ekeroth was in Turku Finland five years ago literally warning exactly about this, “Do not imitate Sweden”…

Police Organization Concerned: “Bombs Are Not Exploding Yet But It could Be Waiting For US” – Police Exhausted and Frustrated at Work

The members of the police organization do not believe the 7,500 police promised by the government can guarantee the safety of Finns.


A recent survey of the Federation of Finnish Police Organizations members gives a rough picture of the police’s everyday life and future prospects.


There are too few workers, injuries, people get tired and get frustrated with their work. At the same time, gang crime and violence against the police have increased. Safety concerns weigh.


– Finland is on the Swedish road. The bombs aren’t exploding yet, but one day we may also be in front of us, says Mika Nygård , SPJL’s organization manager.


In Sweden, violent crime, shootings and explosions have become more common in recent years and there is a shortage of police officers.

– We hope that the situation will now be awakened and that considerable efforts will be made to address the lack of resources for the police. The workload of the police would be more evenly distributed if there were more police officers.



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