Finnish Immigration Concerns Finnish Politics

Finland: Christian Democrat Unemployment Proposal Supports Drop in Benefits For Foreigners Not Proficient In Finnish Or Swedish…….


An important step in a country, where increasingly, the taxpayer is being used as a human ATM…


One thing, however, is that it fails to address the fact that foreigners are coming into the country with no job-in-waiting, nor sponsor who will keep them from becoming a burden on society. The purpose of immigration is for the newcomer to be a net dividend for society, not to be an automatic drain on its resources.


Christian Democrats propose cuts-in-unemployment bill for those who don’t speak Finnish or Swedish

The purpose of the Christian Democrats’ initiative is to encourage immigrants to apply for language training.


OPPOSITION PARTY Christian Democratic leader Sari Essayah and four other MPs have tabled a bill to cut labor market support. A 10% cut would in principle apply to all recipients of labor market support, but would be overcome by demonstrating knowledge of Finnish or Swedish.


According to the initiative, language proficiency could be demonstrated, for example, by completing a comprehensive school leaving certificate or passing a general language examination. If the unemployed person did not demonstrate his / her language skills, his / her net labor market support would be reduced from the current EUR 576 to about EUR 518.


According to Christian Democrats, the initiative aims to attract immigrants to language training, which would improve their employability.


“Applicants for Finnish citizenship must demonstrate a sufficient command of Finnish or Swedish by passing at least three levels of oral and written proficiency in a general language examination. A similar level would be required for the labor market language supplement, ”the initiative states.



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