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Qatar funds terrorism, of that there is no doubt…


How Hamas is spending Qatari money

Protection rackets provide “protection” for profit. Much of that profit, typically, is plowed back to the organization to render it even more powerful.

As Israelis in the Gaza border communities – between missile launches and batches of incendiary balloons – ponder over the meaning of the “hasdara,” arrangement, between Israel and Hamas (brokered by Egypt), Blue and White and Likud launch rhetorical salvos against one another over the issue, while Hamas and its allies are sure it has been a great deal.
How do we know? Hamas says so in numbers. At a recent “meet the press” event run by the Hamas-controlled Ministry of Development and Social Affairs, a senior official in the ministry, Muhammad Hamada, reported that NIS 268 million of Qatari money has so far been disbursed in Gaza.

Unwittingly, he also revealed that Hamas took by far the lion’s share, probably to develop the military infrastructure the Israel Air Force keeps attacking after almost every salvo.

According to Hamada, the money was distributed to 70,000 families. He then went on to itemize, in considerable detail, how the money was spent. The problem is that when one adds up all the specific funds to all the specific targeted populations, the items add up to NIS 59,709,154. Subtract this sum from the NIS 268m. Hamada claims were distributed to Gaza’s poor, it means NIS 208m., nearly 80% are unaccounted for.

The discerning reader may ask themselves – wait a minute, the writer is jumping to conclusions. How do we know the remainder went to Hamas? Maybe the Hamas official cannot be bothered to go through all the items for fear of losing his audience? Maybe he’s picking the highlights, which will garner greater support amongst Gaza’s inhabitants?

Possibly, but hardly plausible. The list of target populations and the amounts distributed to them range from 100,000 individuals, who received more than NIS 50 million, to 108 beggars, who received altogether $10,000 (Some items were given in dollars and most in shekel). One can safely assume that the unaccounted NIS 208m. would have been distributed to large numbers and that they would head Hamada’s list. After all, the “meet the press” event was meant to persuade Gaza’s population to the extent Hamas’ extortion strategy against Israel is working to its benefit.

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